The Northern Cement State co. (NCSC) one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals (MIM) establishment which had the bright history in producing a very high quality of cement according to the known international norm and had gained a respective position among the cement exporting companies in the Middle East.

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The company during the 1980’s exported cement exceeding 300000 Ton/Year and in the years 1988 up to 1990 exportation of cement reached 1000000 Ton to Turkey, Gulf Countries, Singabore and Yemen packed in paper sacks , bearing the Trade mark of Al-Hadbaa minaret resembling the Arab –Islamic archeticure competing the foreign cement producing companies which were considered at that time the most advanced origin of cement production in all over the world. [Image curtesy of these kindly people.]


The NCSC was established in 20 April 1965 after unifying Rafidain cement co. (1953) with Hamam Al-Alil cement plant (1956) and now supervising and operating six factories to produce cement distributed over three locations .

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